Saturday, September 25, 2010

Drinking, commenting, and how not to do either correctly

I only need to drink on an empty stomach a couple times a year to remind myself what an awful idea it is. Can't sleep, feel nauseous. If I encourage only one person to eat a cookie or a piece of bread before they go out for a drink with their friends, then it was worth posting this.

Also, I can't seem to comment on any of my followed blogs. There's an option to "Sign In" at the top right of every blog, but clicking it only takes me to my Blogger home screen. Under the comment box, there's a choice of accounts with which to post, but selecting Google Account (not my name, just Google Account) does nothing. I can type a comment and it just disappears if I click Post or Preview. What gives? Until I work this out, you'll just have to take it on faith that I actually read and enjoy your blogs. I might even do a "Best Of" post that links to some of my favorite entries if I can't get this resolved.


  1. Alcohol is something I am removing from my life for sure

  2. Yes, blogger seems to really love taking me to my dashboard. I start out signed in while on my dashboard, then scroll down to my feed and open up new blog posts in separate tabs.

  3. My second time drinking I didn't listen to anyone's warnings about eating before you drink. Probably the worst mistake of my life.